Stained Glass Bug Medal

I love Skyward Sword. So. Much. OOT will always be my favourite for nostalgia reasons, but Skyward Sword is just so beautiful.

I used to go to art class before Ooccoo Jr was born, and one day we were doing stained glass, so I decided to make this:

photo 2(8)

Yes, I know, those windows need washing. Even though I have a spouse and child, I’m Foul Bachelor Frog at heart (well, FBF back when it was about leaving clothes on the floor and sleeping irregular hours — now it’s all bodily fluids and clearing your browser history).

It’s hard to get a good picture of something that has the sun behind it, but here are some closeups:

photo 3(3)

The colour is not as blue as it appears in the picture above; it’s more like the one below:

photo 4(2)

There are a few bubbles in the paint, and some of the rays around the edge aren’t perfectly sized, but I’m happy with it!



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