Farore’s Recycling Bin

We have a green IKEA bin in the kitchen to store recyclables. I’d just completed the IKEA-white-plastic-garbage-can-turned-toy-box overhaul and still had an urge to sharpie things, so I decided any plain plastic surface is fair game.photo 1(14)

This is a pretty straightforward thing to do; if you’ve got a surface, a sharpie, and an idea, you’re ready:

photo 2(17)

But if you want it to look really professional, you may want to use a ruler or stencil or something. I tried putting the mark of Farore (circle surrounded by two crescents) on the other side, but I did it freehand and in a mega-hurry, so it turned out pretty wobbly. But it is hidden by the rice cooker IRL anyway.




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