(Non-Zelda) Toybox

So I have citizenship in a couple of other fandoms besides Hyrule. There’ll be some occasional non-Zelda posts, like this one.

Ooccoo Jr has accumulated a lot of toys over these short ten months. I haven’t gotten any more boss key chests made yet, but we did have this big white plastic garbage can sitting around in the kitchen unused (all the bags I can find are either too big or too small), so I decided it was sharpie time.

I was a little nervous at first, which you can see in the wobbliness (is that a word?) of the first side I did:photo 1

But I started to get the hang of it on the next side:photo 4

There are lots of strong female characters in Adventure Time, and I could have done PB one one of the remaining sides, but I had just finished reading the Abhorsen book series by Garth Nix (go read it now if you haven’t yet), and, um, I don’t want to spoiler you, so I won’t say anything more except yes, I know it kinda looks like Haku from Spirited Away, but it’s not him. The art is totally made up/interpretive, rather than based on official art like the Fionna and Marceline sides. So it’s a little lame, but hey, it’ll be quite a few years before Ooccoo Jr starts thinking of Mom as lame (I hope it’s at least a few years away):photo 2

The last side says “toybox” in Chinese, courtesy of Mr Ooccoo.photo 5

Aaaand the top is a silly reference to a real-life strong female character :3photo 3Ooccoo Jr has already figured out how to lift the lid, and pull everything out (pull out ALL THE THINGS). I tried to get everything put back inside to get a nice, tidy picture, but alas, I am no match for the Emptyer of Toyboxes. >__>


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