Adventures in Pinterest Projects I

Before I started sharpie-ing storage containers, I saw DIY coffee mug projects on Pinterest. I also read about all the ways they can go wrong. So I took all the advice and got an oil-based paint Sharpie rather than a regular one, and got a dollar store mug rather than an expensive one, and let the mug heat up and cool down in the oven rather than putting it in a preheated oven and removing it right away after the 30 minute baking. It was a test mug, so the design is not super-inspired…photo 1photo 3photo 2

And the results were pretty good, and hand-washable (although the orange paint turned brown, but oh well):photo 4photo 5


Hand-washable for about a month, and then this happened:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 5I didn’t intentionally scratch the paint off; this is wear and tear from washing it in hot soapy water. I *can* scratch it off very easily, though. So much for baking the paint into the glaze. Curiously, the paint on the bottom of the mug hasn’t scratched yet.

That’s it, no solution, just a chronicling of my first Pinstrosity. twoallthethings


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