Prismo Table

I love Prismo. Who doesn’t? So I made a Time Room table. Not intentionally, at least not at the beginning. Our living room has a motley assortment of furniture pieces, so I chose a few smallish ones to paint all the same colour, for unity. For Sparta! no. You can see a chair lying on its face in the pic below; it’s going to be the same colour, but that’s another project.


This table was $10 or so at a garage sale. It’s wood veneer of some sort over particle board of some sort. Is this getting too technical?

I started by sanding it, then unwisely skipped priming it – big mistake: the label says it is its own primer, but as you can clearly see, after the billionth coat, the wood colour is still visible underneath:

photo 1(7)

I chose this pale butter yellow because that’s what my gut told me as I sat in our living room looking at everything and thinking about paint colours. After I bought it, I realized that there’s virtually nothing in any of the Zelda games that could work with this colour, unless I do something really out there and stencil a Hylian crest in magenta or turquoise (tempting!). But since my style is to do more literal re-creations of items, I just asked myself what things I like that are butter-yellow, and the answer was: the Time Room. Of course, the most literal re-creation of that would be to actually paint a room yellow and paint Prismo onto the walls and floor, but that will have to wait until we buy our own place. I would totally give that room a TV wall, and a jacuzzi.

I freehanded an outline in pink highlighter and filled it in with pink acrylic paint:photo 2(12)It wasn’t quite the colour I wanted, but a little went a long way so I just painted the whole thing, and then tried mixing another colour to use on top:

photo 4(3)Still not the right colour. I realized that I’d have to go out and buy the colour I want because it’s just fluorescent enough to be not mixable using any of the trillion tubes of paint I already have, and acrylic paint is not great for the environment, so I’m trying to use what I’ve got.

So September rolls around and I’ve decided to have a themed party every month, starting with Adventure Time! (party goings-on are chronicled on my other blog). Prismo’s a party kind of guy; remember the party in the Time Room where Jake ate all the cheesy crackers? (Jaaake, I’m PRISMO, the WISH MASTER, we can have all the cheese crackers we want.) Well, I figured this table would be a good place to put the cheesy crackers IRL:

The pink looks a little washed out because the picture was taken in the evening. Also, his eye was added in a super-hurry and I couldn’t find a suitable paintbrush, so I just used a giant flat brush.
And the strip of white paper is the dialogue Prismo and Jake have about the cheesy crackers.


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