TARDIS Baby Bench

photo 2(21)So this bench has been banished. Baby’s been sitting and standing on it, moving it around the room, using it to get onto the couch and coffee table, and has fallen off of it a couple of times. I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine, and that it’s probably good for her motor skills development, but I’m not the only one with veto powers in this household, so out the bench goes. Luckily I’ve found a ‘forever home’ for it with a Whovian friend.

For some reason *cough* *phone memory full* *cough* I don’t have any ‘before pics’ or progress pics, but let me tell you, this bench (from Value Village, $3) was as 1990s-tole-paint-y as they come. Teal base with a bird’s nest.

I covered it in white Gesso, and then went at it with some beautiful blue acrylic paint. (You can’t really tell from the pictures because I took them all at night.) Unfortunately the paint had lots of pigment or whatever, but had very little opacity. So the colour went on very patchy; wherever the paint was slightly thicker, the tint was muchly darker. Ok, I’ll try to keep the rest of this post grammarish. >__>

Anyway, I decided to run with it and pretend it was on purpose, so the whole thing has a more painterly feel, and is not very accurate, and does not have very straight lines or right angles. Also, like the TARDIS shoes (done in the same evening!) I was in a hurry, so I just winged it. Can you tell?

photo 1(17)

Yeah, the “PUBLIC CALL” is too far to the left. And the lines are all wibbly wobbly. Oh well; it’s more … professional-looking on the inside?


I’ll stop now.      ^___^


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