Toph Cookies

Hooray for handmade Christmas gifts! Hooray for Avatar: The Last Airbender, and for The Legend of Korra! Seriously, these shows are the best. I love you, Bryke. Much respect.

To make this (or something like it) you will need:

– metal cookie tin

– acrylic gesso

– acrylic paint

– something that is not a ballpoint pen (seriously, stay the hell away from those)

– Mod Podge if that’s what you’re into

– newspaper for your work surface

– something to stick under your tin and lid so that they’re not resting directly on the newspaper (paint will stick to paper) … you can use a jar, or a soft drink can, anything that is not as wide as the cookie tin, and flat on top and below

– cookies to put in the tin (ok, or tea bags, or buttons, or floppy disks you can’t bear to throw away, whatever floats your boat)

First, wash your cookie tin. I have no idea whether it’ll be washable once it’s painted (it DEFINITELY is not washable with only the gesso on; that stuff wrinkles and peels like crazy if it gets wet), so you might as well clean it now.

Next, prime it with gesso to cover the original picture (I made a bunch of tins).


Then do your background layer:

photo 1(42)

I’m using ancient acrylics from the 1990s… you could probably do something much nicer with spray paint, but part of my goal is to make eco nerd crafts, not just nerd crafts, so using up stuff I already have is better than buying new materials.

Then sketch your design onto the lid (and sides, if you’re doing them). Sorry, no pic for this step.

Then colour!

photo 2(44)

I decided I liked the ‘painterly’ look of visible brushstrokes/uneven paint application.

photo 4(36)

Then screw up: I had messed up the placement of one of her eyes, and made her face too short, and so she looked old and tired rather than old and grumpy. This is a really significant distinction, so I redid it. Unfortunately, ballpoint pen was a poor choice of sketching tool, and the blue shows up foreverrrrrrrrrr even under a bajillion coats, so … don’t make my mistake, kids:

photo 5(23)


Then paint over the botched part so you can start again:


Toph Bane-Fong? Kakashi Beifong?

Here’s what I ended up with:

photo 2(45)

The ballpoint pen is still visible, but oh well. At this stage, you could add a layer of  Mod Podge or other clear sealing stuff.

Finish off by adding cookies (no matter what you’re doing, you should always add cookies):

photo 3(38)

Mmmm cookies! Lemongrab says: ACCEPTABLLLLE!!


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