Abhorsen Cookie Tin

I…. totally forgot to post this back when I posted the Toph Cookies tin. I won’t redo the whole tutorial, but here are some progress shots. I decided this one could be a little rough around the edges, hoping that would give it a medieval feel. Although I guess medievalists might tell me that actually people put lots of effort and painstaking care into making stuff back then. So maybe what I mean is I wanted it to look worn/old.

photo 3(5)

Here’s the top:

photo 1(4)

This happened with the gesso underneath the blue acrylic paint:

photo 2(4)I have no idea what’s going there… maybe the paint was too wet and the gesso didn’t like that? (Gesso goes nuts if you get it wet with water… it doesn’t multiply, but it does make a terrible mess)

After the blue paint, I used silver paint and a stamp carved out of an eraser that my friend and I used on our Lirael/Sabriel cosplays:



And here’s the final product:

photo 4(5)

The cookies inside were bell-shaped, of varying sizes. 😀


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